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Very original! Flying bum is the hero that everyone needs! Thank you!

It's good to see that "she" is still around.

This made me cringe. Are you sure this shoudn't be M rated instead? Kudos on experimenting with a different head design though.

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Nice, short gets its point across nicely. A bit rough around the edges, but that that is to be expected for a game made under 3 days.

I hope this makes it past judgement. This game is comedic gold! It's so random and over-the-top cynical.

A nice dungeon crawl. I like how you can regenerate by just waiting/taking a break. It would be nice if you had some kind of numeric display along with the health meters so you have a better sense of how much your HP stacks up to damage intake. Maybe a semi-transparent overlay on the health meter? Even so, great game!

playspal responds:

Maybe just add a text label on HP and MP bars?

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In and of itself it's a beautiful song that conjures up relaxing images of a rainy day. Combined with the YouTube video "Weber cooks - Chili & Cheese Nacho Dip" it helps create comedic gold. This song and the video are about the same length and almost syncs up events in the video.

It's a good, consistent song. Nothing too extraordinary, but great for working to.

It's refreshing to hear a Christian message on Newgrounds. This was a great spin on an old classic that made my eyes sweat a little.

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Very well drawn, but in - my opinion - his face looks too similar to that of Totakeke/ K.K. Slider from Animal Crossing (especially with the eyebrows and the shape of his ears). The previous version from January 1st/2017 looks a lot safer.

Jon-Fuchsworld responds:

I sought about that character, there are two white dog... there are too much content on the net.I haven't played with animal crossing so this is new for me :)

Looks like a humanoid character Ratboy Genius would come up with except with better quality and less horrifying.

jaschieffer responds:

lol thanks

Looks real nice, just like a painting. It would go real well in a first person perspective indie game as a decoration. One problem, however, is that there doesn't seem to be enough contrast between the hedgehog and the background as it seems to blend in unintentionally.

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